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"Salehe Bembury - Stratus"

AED. 269.00 AED. 648.00

The Slehe Bmbury x Crcs Pollex Clogs “Stratus” is a collaboration between the acclaimed footwear designer and the footwear company known for its casual, clog sandals. Following his departure from Versace, Slehe Bmbury began collaborating with the likes of Nw Blance and Crcs, and other brands, but it's his work with the former two entities that has created the most buzz in sneakers. His Crcs Pollex Clogs are beloved for their effortless yet creative appeal. Here, the “Stratus” features a monochromatic white appearance with concave ridges throughout the design. The shoe’s straps on the heel are modulated and can be worn fastened or undone. Vent holes are placed in high heat areas for ventilation.