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"Dark marine blue"

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The Ar Jrdn 1 High OG “Drk Marin Blu” is a January 2022 release of Michl Jrdn's vintage basketball shoe in a colorway that mimics the appearance of an original, iconic Jrdn 1 style. The shoe in question is the Ar Jrdn 1 "Royal" in black and royal blue. The “Drk Marin Blu” appears in a similar blue hue, and with a slightly altered color block in comparison to the original "Royal." The black leather base allows for the Drk Marin Blu-colored leather overlays and branding to garner attention. A black “Wngs” lgo appears on the collar. Classic “Nke Ar” and detailing are designed in white on the tongue tag. Black laces are layered over a black nylon tongue.