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350 Kids ''Tail Light

AED. 199.00 AED. 418.00

The Yzy Bst 350 V2 “Tail Light” combines elements of different Yzy 350 V2 designs into one for a new take released in Winter 2020. Once proclaiming “Yzys for all,” Kanye West has indeed lived up to his word by continuing to release a steady stream of Yzy Bst 350 V2s. Taking cues from the “Beluga” and “True Form” colorways, the upper is outfitted in grey Primeknit with a the translucent side stripes given an orange backing near the ankle. The bright orange hue extends onto the heel tab of the otherwise all-grey upper. Adidas opts for a translucent grey midsole with Bst cushioning encased within.